Robin customizes a wide variety of talks in the area of professional and personal development, for corporate executives, entrepreneurs, professionals and general audiences.

Robin’s latest Signature Talk:
How to increase success in your career, business and life by discovering your unique brand and purpose.


Robin Altman
Creator of The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program

and Architect of Your SUCCESSDNA

Join Robin Altman and learn how you can revitalize your career, professional practice, business, or organization and reach heights that you never thought possible.
Knowing your personal brand and purpose gives you a fresh perspective that sparks ideas and enthusiasm to take next steps in your career, your business, and all aspects of your life. Learn how you can live on purpose, and become more happy and fulfilled that ever before.

In this talk, Robin will reveal:

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Whether you’re looking to stand out, find the direction that’s right for you, become more successful in your career or business, start a whole new chapter in your life, or simply become more happy and fulfilled, understanding your personal brand and purpose is the key to your bright future!

Who is this
program for?

mark  Executives, entrepreneurs and professionals

mark  Individuals who want to reach their full potential.

“I was tossing and turning at night thinking about what’s next until I got back to the real me through understanding my personal brand.”
– Martin, Business Owner


“I was having a hard time getting up and motivated in the morning until I had the clarity and confidence to change my direction.”
– Sheila, Corporate Executive


“My business was thriving, but I needed to become a better leader to take it to the next level.”
– Jeremy, Entrepreneur


“I was feeling stuck at a plateau unable to move forward, but I didn’t want anyone from my industry giving me the same tools and techniques to build my business. I wanted a competitive advantage.”
– Felicity, Wealth Management Advisor

Here’s what people say about Robin’s ability as a speaker and teacher

Robin was SPECTACULAR! I learned so much from her. Who she is as a person and how she taught the course contributed enormously to my enjoyment and satisfaction. Thank you!

Robin is a phenomenal instructor. She truly had a pulse and feel of the participants and then parlayed that to the pace of the course. Excellent anecdotes. Super, super job.

Robin is absolutely fantastic. She created a warm, engaging, safe, educational and inspirational environment. She was truly exceptional and an excellent advocate for Adler.

Robin is incredible. Her method of instruction is so engaging and her energy and passion is contagious! I’ve heard the satisfaction of this course highly depends on the facilitator.

Great facilitation. Very professional with awesome delivery and real life insights into coaching. Robin was a pro at handling the class and the variety of people.

Exceptionally well done. Organized, accessible, and efficient.

Robin is an extremely skilled facilitator. She was so mindful of the content, the process, as well as the individuals throughout.

Robin is an amazing and generous human being and coach. She guided us throughout our journey with her heart and her experience of the profession. She showed us the art…

Robin is an incredible facilitator, coach, mentor. Her style and approach were key to the amazing experience. She embodies all that I aspire to be as a coach and facilitator.

Robin knew the material intimately and delivered it clearly, concisely and succinctly – always with enthusiasm and confidence. She was always focused on the students and their needs.

I liked that Robin relied on her expertise instead of a Powerpoint deck. This made it personal and created a connection and belief we were learning from the best.

Robin is very intuitive to the needs and emotions of people in the room and the flow of the day.


Interested in Executive Coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and organizations? Check out

Interested in Executive Coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and organizations? Check out