What is the Radiate Passion & Purpose Program?

It’s a one-on-one personal coaching program designed to help you connect to who you are at your best, learn what you bring to the table, and gain clarity on what you need to take your success to the next level.

You’ll be guided through a process to discover, define and articulate your passion, your personal brand and purpose – which provides you with the foundation you need to create a career, business and life that’s tailor made to who you are, who you want to be, and to what will make you most happy and fulfilled.

This is the first step to your bright future!


Like Aristotle and all noble philosophers say, knowing yourself is the key to creating and living a great life.

Oscar Wilde said,
“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Like Aristotle and all noble philosophers say, knowing yourself is the key to creating and living a great life.

Everyone is born with their own constellation of strengths, gifts and distinct characteristics. Just like the features on your face such as your eyes, nose, lips and other parts of your body, these characteristics are what make you unique and remarkable. When you’re able to define and articulate these things, you can make the appropriate choices to align your work and life in a way that brings you challenge, meaning, success and joy.

Oscar Wilde said,
“Be yourself. Everyone else is taken.”

Each of us has something distinct and important to contribute in our lifetime. Some fortunate souls are born child prodigies, discovering their gifts naturally and very early on. But for many of us, finding our flow can take years, decades, or even a lifetime of uncertainty and struggle. The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program is meant to put an end to this mystery, and help you get on track now.
Many who have benefited from this program were able to transform their hesitation, anxiety, second guessing and laying awake at night thinking about their future into a state of calm, confidence, determination, enthusiasm, resolve and optimism which comes from having direction and focus.

Who is this program for?

Individuals looking to advance their careers

Executives at all levels aspiring to develop and enhance their leadership ability in their organizations

Creative professionals striving to grow their practices

Entrepreneurs looking to build their businesses

Those yearning for more purpose and meaning in all aspects of their life

Take-aways from the program:

You will walk away with your SUCCESSDNA, the personalized template to use as a guide for your professional and personal success, giving you the direction and focus you need to move forward.

  • Clarity around what you want for yourself, your career and business, including direction and pathways that will have you working with success and on purpose
  • The words that most describe you, what makes you stand out, and how you can attract the clients, partners and relationships that are best for you – even friends and potential life partners!
  • Greater ease and confidence in conversations with prospective partners, employers, clients, customers, employees, and friends
  • Greater trust in self, hope, optimism and an overall sense of empowerment
  • Approaches to increase your success in interviews, pitches and competitions, knowing what makes you different
  • Greater understanding of others, and more certainty about how you can improve your relationships

The Radiate Passion & Purpose Program – Details:



You will be personally taken through the process of defining your personal brand and purpose. This includes one two-hour Discovery Session and 14 subsequent one-hour sessions. Sessions are conducted in person, on Skype with video or on the phone at a time that is mutually convenient, weekly or bi-weekly.



This is the one template that you can use to make all of your most important personal, professional and private life decisions, indefinitely.


PLUS! Two Great Bonuses:

Bonus #1
Questions for Job Interviews, Potential Partners, New Relationships

Working with your SUCCESSDNA, you’ll learn how you can craft the types of questions that will help you assess any new relationship or partnership. Whether it be a potential employer, a business opportunity, a possible friendship or union of any kind, you will be prepared for a casual conversation that will help you reveal the essential information you need to make an informed decision.

Bonus #2
Steps to Conduct Your Job Search

If you’re looking for permanent employment, or if you’re merely searching for a new career path, having your SUCCESSDNA is the most important tool to give you the clarity you need to conduct an effective search.
That being said, many people get overwhelmed and confused about how to start and organize themselves during their search process.
Oftentimes when people finally decide to make a change, they start by browsing job boards and talking to people they know, asking for advice and referrals. While those approaches are important, they’re in no way the “be-all-and-end-all” to reaching your objective. In fact, doing those things first might actually limit your results. If you set those two tasks aside and focus first on what you’ll learn here, you’ll increase your chances of finding the ultimate solution that has you doing the work that you love.
This is the first most important step you need to conduct a successful search. It will help simplify the task and keep you focused and thorough, so you feel confident that you’ve left no stone unturned.
It’s an obvious concept, but for some reason, many people out there miss it. Find out if you’re one of them.

Next steps… contact Robin to set up a chat.

Working through this program can be a life-changing experience. Therefore, it’s important that you can trust and feel comfortable in the process.

For this reason, Robin welcomes a chat when you can ask questions and get to know each other first.

If this interests you, contact Robin and set up a time. She looks forward to personally connecting with you!


Interested in Executive Coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and organizations? Check out www.radiatecoaching.com

Interested in Executive Coaching for individuals, entrepreneurs, teams and organizations? Check out www.radiatecoaching.com